3 things you have learned staying at home9
A 5 sentence report on a book or comic10
A meal you cooked or helped cook10
A nice thing you did for family10
A page of homework10
A picture of a goofy face (yours or someone elses in your family)5
A picture you drew10
A way you helped a “neighbor”10
Fort Built12
Does Gabi’s have any Batman Statues?2
Family picture3
Tallest house of cards6
How did you find the store?2
If there was one thing in the shop you could own… what would it be?1
Mismatched pair of socks1
Pair of shoes1
Picture of a letter being sent to someone10
Screen shot of favorite video game moment8
Show a picture of the favorite part of your collection3
Show off a miniature you painted10
What is your favorite CCG Moment8
What is your favorite Comic Scene8
What is your favorite OCC memory5
What is your favorite Table Top RPG moment8
What was your favorite interview for FCBD this year10
Who is Wonder Woman1
Write a short story10
From Gabi’s Facebook:
Name a solo player game4
What is a “hydrated gamer?4
What is Gabi’s charity called?5
What is Gabi’s favorite character?4