Big news for the shop!!!

Published on: October 17, 2022

Hey all! We’re excited to announce some changes in the shop, specifically involving the upstairs gaming room!

At this time, we have a mask required and a mask optional section upstairs in the game room. I have been transparent about when and why we are following guidelines and making decisions. I have kept the upstairs masked due to the volume of gamers and the closeness. Now that the upstairs is fully opened on both sides again we have more space and there is about 15-20 feet between the two sides of the game room.

To that end I am thinking it is time to allow the right-hand side of the game room to be optional for mask-wearing:
~ this gives people who still are vulnerable space to be masked
~ covid numbers are down
~ the vaccine for the new variant is available
~ CDC has dropped the distance from 6 feet to 3 feet.
~ far fewer people fit on the right-hand side because the tables are much further apart and less people.
In addition, starting the 1st weekend in November:
~ Shop will be open Friday and Saturday until Midnight, again!
~ Admiral Snackbar will be open again!
~ Food will be allowed on the “mask-optional” side.

I am so very happy these changes are coming! It has been such a long road to get our shop and game room back!!
Thank you for all your support, patience, and candor through all of this!

Some announcements:
**Edit: Quick reminder, even when these new policies take effect, we still will offer the option of opening early or staying late for people who don’t feel safe or are immunocompromised.”
Starting this week, we have moved to the plan of masking as optional on the right side and required on the left side.