Upcoming events 10/7-10/8 2023

Published on: October 4, 2023

Saturday, October 7th. One Piece Store Championship

Entry: $10, Starts @ 12:00 pm
POS Code: OP Champ
Preregistration: Yes. In store (Event Reg Doc)
Player Cap: 32
Details: Up to 5 rounds of swiss, no top cut. Best of 1, 35 minute rounds. Promos 1st, top 4, and for participation.

Sunday, October 8th. Digimon Starter Deck 15 & 16 Prerelease

Entry: $30, Starts @ 11:00 am
Preregistration: None
Player Cap: 16
Details: Players will receive 2 starter decks. They can choose either to get two copies of one of the starter decks (they can pick), or one of each. They will receive a prerelease promo pack. If they picked two copies of one deck, they get a matching prerelease pack, otherwise they can choose which pack they get, while supplies last. They will use one of their starter decks and play swiss rounds until there is a winner, and the winner receives the winner promo pack.