Upcoming events 10/23-10/29

Published on: October 23, 2023

Saturday, October 28th. Pokemon:Paradox Rift

Entry: $33, Starts @ 12:30 pm. Registration @ 12:00 pm

Preregistration: No

Players will receive a Paradox Rift Build & Battle, which has 4 packs and a semi randomized 40 card deck. They can use the packs to modify their decks before playing in 3 rounds of Pokemon. Everyone who stays all 3 rounds gets additional packs!

Saturday, October 28th. Magic: Harvesttide Festival 2HG Sealed

Entry: $45 per team, Starts @ 1:00 pm. Player Cap: 16 teams.

Preregistration: Yes. In store

This is a special two headed giant sealed event. Each team gets 4 packs of Midnight Hunt, 4 packs of Crimson Vow, and 1 collector pack from either set (depending on which set WotC gives us) to build their decks with. The teams will be assigned a group, Human, Vampire, or Werewolf. At the end of the 3 hours of play, everyone will receive a draft pack as prizing, and the players who belong to the winning group will get an additional pack.

Saturday, October 28th. One Piece Buddy Battle Vol 3
Entry: $5 per person, Starts @ Noon
Capacity: 16 Teams (32 Players)

This is a team tournament for One Piece. Each team consists of two players, each playing a normal One Piece deck.